To the future…

We as Fathers, have an amazingly complex journey ahead of us. We need to navigate the ins and outs of whatever attempts to steal the innocence from our children. this video gives an idea of how quickly the world is changing, and how we need to be ahead of the change in order to influence it’s direction.

Oh, and this is already 2 years old, so best we get moving on influencing change and not becoming another generation that couldn’t keep up.


My son was sick last week and there was a possibility he’d have to go to hospital, but thankfully he responded well to meds and now doesn’t have to. I sat across the desk of his doctor as she told us this and there was this enormous urgency for me to take it all away.

It makes me think, Jesus had to die for us to appease the wrath of God, to fulfill the need for justice, to stand in the gap, to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin once and for all, however you view his death, whether as the fulfillment of prophecy, for atonement or simply to get us back on track, the one thing I’ve never considered is that He wanted to take the punishment.

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Missing you

Yesterday as I was taking part in my weekly ritual of Saturday afternoon sport, I felt God lay a sentence on my heart. His nudging urged me to come home early and see my own son.

The sentence was “I am missing you”. I believe God was announcing His position and our next move. Our Father is always present, with arms wide open waiting for us to take up our prodigal son calling and run back into his arms.

God is, always has been and always will be waiting for us to realize His love for us. He longs for us to lay down our busy lives at the alter of what truly matters. We complicate, we necessitate and then package, in triplicate, plans and ‘to do lists’ of things that only end up accomplishing one thing, rendering us too busy!

To busy for what? To busy to realize that we miss Him too.

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his morning I heard that a prominent hotel heiress was arrested on being in possession of what seems to be cocaine. The report went on to say that there would be a punishment of rehabilitation and community service. Both laudable answers to help a person in need.

The difficulty I am having with this is the following. Had this person been a no-body, a shadow, a person merely existing and using to make it through another day, would the punishment have been the same. What if the person was ‘bad’ and sold, pushed and used, would the answer have been the same.

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