his morning I heard that a prominent hotel heiress was arrested on being in possession of what seems to be cocaine. The report went on to say that there would be a punishment of rehabilitation and community service. Both laudable answers to help a person in need.

The difficulty I am having with this is the following. Had this person been a no-body, a shadow, a person merely existing and using to make it through another day, would the punishment have been the same. What if the person was ‘bad’ and sold, pushed and used, would the answer have been the same.

It seems that people who have the greatest responsibility, the greatest influence, the greatest ability to help direct and change the paths of our children’s future, sometimes provide the worst example, and when an opportunity arises for responsibility to be taken, the situation is dealt with delicately and the chance to set the record straight, the chance to stamp in the memories of adoring fans, what is right and wrong, is lost forever, it seems.

Why are we okay with allowing those with the greatest impact to accept the least responsibility? It has been written, “To whom much is given, much is expected” Luke 12:48. This is so true in SA with the reports of corruption etc from our Leaders and role models. Last week, students are protesting in a violent manor, shocking one might say, but considering they saw their teachers doing the same less than a week prior, one now has to consider they are simply acting out what they are taught.

We find the same with Fathering, When Adam sinned and gave authority to the Devil, he handed over mankind’s mandate to rule and reign as fathers, husbands and men. When Christ came and regained the authority for us, it resulted in us receiving the ability to live in that authority once again. But, as Fathers, like the role models, we so often fall short when required to take responsibility for our actions. As fathers, it is no longer me, I, but my family, my wife, my children.

I no longer can lean on my desires, my wants, what’s in it for me. I gave that up when I became a Christian and certainly, should have no remnance lingering by the time I marry, much less become a father. There are children who are being raised by mothers, taught, mentored, descipled by their moms. No offence to the fairer sex, but no woman, can raise a man, nor should we expect them too. I am not raising a boy, I am raising a man, even though he is 14 months old. He needs his Mom, but he needs his Father too, and probably more so than his mom at times, and I cannot sit by and neglect the responsibility to Father, even though many around him are being taught that it is acceptable to take no responsibility, so long as you are given much.

There is a need, we have the responsibility to meet that need, if only in our own families, we still have to meet it. Much has been given to me, so much is expected. I am a man, I am a husband and I am a Father, who knows what he must do and will do it!

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