Missing you

Yesterday as I was taking part in my weekly ritual of Saturday afternoon sport, I felt God lay a sentence on my heart. His nudging urged me to come home early and see my own son.

The sentence was “I am missing you”. I believe God was announcing His position and our next move. Our Father is always present, with arms wide open waiting for us to take up our prodigal son calling and run back into his arms.

God is, always has been and always will be waiting for us to realize His love for us. He longs for us to lay down our busy lives at the alter of what truly matters. We complicate, we necessitate and then package, in triplicate, plans and ‘to do lists’ of things that only end up accomplishing one thing, rendering us too busy!

To busy for what? To busy to realize that we miss Him too.

The next move is ours. Our Father is missing us, He has announced where He stands. The question that is left with us, is whether we will turn and realize we miss him too and in so doing realize our need, our helplessness our total and complete dependence on Him, or will we just push on to complete something else on the list, never knowing the sheer joy of looking into the heart of the Father and knowing that we are home, we are wanted and we are missed when absent.

Fathers, let our God be the model by which we mould our lives. Bosses, schedules, deadlines and targets, don’t miss us, they don’t tug at our trouser legs asking us to throw another ball or take another sip of make believe tea at the princesses tea party, what those things do is take what belongs to our children. They take our time, our energy and our life.

Perhaps we should aim a little lower, shrink our desires to be successful, maybe we should reside ourselves to the belief that all that happens from 9-5, is not all that matters.

I believe there needs to be a shift in priorities and a re-scheduling of lives, a reorganising of what should be done today. Fathers, make your day begin and end with the belief that what really matters in life, may not always be what has to be done today.

We will have to fight for this, because everything about our culture pushes us towards the belief that family can wait, our children will be there tomorrow and our wives will understand. But nothing worth fighting for ever came easy, because with great treasure comes great cost. Fathers I urge you to turn back to God, heed His call, let you families know that you miss them and lay down what you are doing, go home early and see your son.

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