My son was sick last week and there was a possibility he’d have to go to hospital, but thankfully he responded well to meds and now doesn’t have to. I sat across the desk of his doctor as she told us this and there was this enormous urgency for me to take it all away.

It makes me think, Jesus had to die for us to appease the wrath of God, to fulfill the need for justice, to stand in the gap, to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin once and for all, however you view his death, whether as the fulfillment of prophecy, for atonement or simply to get us back on track, the one thing I’ve never considered is that He wanted to take the punishment.

I believe in the Trinity, that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are individual but one. Therefore as God, they died, they suffered the punishment, whether by death, by losing a Son or grieving the Spirit.

I could not take my sons place, but if I was able, if I had the power to reinstate myself in his place to take the pain, to save him from harm to ensure that he’d suffer no more, I would have taken the chance in a heartbeat. But I couldn’t. But God can, think about Jesus’ death this way, not to discredit any other views, but God as Father, who loves his children and had seen them failing and suffering, in all his power and wisdom, sends Jesus, God, to take our place.

God had to be just, as He is God, but I think he also wanted to take the place of us, not simply out of necessity, but because he is able and he didn’t want us to suffer anymore. His love covered us, His blood set us free, His choice to reinstate us, to suffer death in our place, was an act of protection, from a loving Father to His helpless children.

Picture God, looking on as one after another, son after son, family after family, fell, tripped, failed, suffered hurt and died. Rising to His feet in righteous fatherly anger he stood intent on removing the pain, taking the burden, relieving us of our punishment, because he loved us, he steps forward and says no more, I can and I will take what they owe, to protect them, because they are Mine and I love them.

Fathers protect, they take away, He did and He continues to this day. Thank you Daddy.

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