Blindside defence

Life is busy, not just work, but life.

If it is not your nine to five function, its your committees, it’s the programmes you attend, the functions you are invited to, and the list goes on and on.

Friends, hobbies and activities even add to your busyness.

When last did you sit down, evaluate what was necessary, not good or fun or useful, but necessary in your life?

Would you rather ‘be there’ than choose to do nothing with your family, just sit, relax, talk. Would you be ok with missing out on what they will talk about?

You know what, life today is so full and the best way to keep us from Fathering our children is to keep us busy, even with things that are actually good. Continue reading

Wanna go for a run?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a young man with a great passion for Jesus. As he spoke of his journey and how he has come to where he is now I was filled with compassion for him and many like him.

One of the challenges glaringly apparent in the world today is the freedom by which the term Father is banded about.

Let me give you my definition:

To the Man who lavishes, unsparingly, his love, his time, his wealth, his heart, his life, his hopes and dreams. To the Man who stands and watches over, who guards and gives counsel, who catches tears and brings correction. To the Man who loves the Mother of his child, who raises her up, who encourages and honours her. To the Man who guides and provides, who laughs and cries, who picks up when there’s failure and raises up on shoulders when there is victory. To this Man shall we award the mark of a father. Through his sacrifice, shall the sons and daughters be set free to run ahead and lay claim to riches the Man only dreamt about.

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