Blindside defence

Life is busy, not just work, but life.

If it is not your nine to five function, its your committees, it’s the programmes you attend, the functions you are invited to, and the list goes on and on.

Friends, hobbies and activities even add to your busyness.

When last did you sit down, evaluate what was necessary, not good or fun or useful, but necessary in your life?

Would you rather ‘be there’ than choose to do nothing with your family, just sit, relax, talk. Would you be ok with missing out on what they will talk about?

You know what, life today is so full and the best way to keep us from Fathering our children is to keep us busy, even with things that are actually good.It is done all the time. We as men, need to be the gate keepers to our family. Not only does that mean keeping bad things from coming in, but also making sure that we make times where the family doesn’t go out and stays in together. Fathers need to prioritise family. make times where meetings won’t be attended, where phone calls will not be answered, where interruptions will not be entertained. We actually have to be ruthless with our boundaries because everything that has temporal value is robbing us of our time that is meant for things that have eternal value.

One of our functions as Fathers is to protect, and sometimes that means we get uncomfortable, lose ground in the popularity race etc. But, we are called to our families long before we are called to our comfort and our social standing. Ask yourself, what does God value, then do that.

I believe one of the greatest tools to get us off course and cause us to lose focus is our busyness. It won’t be easy, but consider this a call to arms, much like all the other things we must protect our families from, we need to protect them from a life style where we are simply ships passing in the night.

Fathers who don’t connect, don’t know their family, fathers who don’t know their family won’t know what to pray for them, and if you don’t know what to pray, you won’t probably pray, and if you don’t pray…Well then you’ve just handed your family over to be dealt with and abused as the world sees fit.

We need to hit back hard, build up those boundaries, gird your walls with prayer and make your family a bastion where God is taught, caught and a part of every thought. Bless you

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