What must it have been like, to exist as God no less, and watch as your son was being beaten, mocked, abused, jeered at, hated, spat on, thrown away, tortured and then murdered? Yes murdered.

The definition: The unlawful, intentional killing of another human being with the intent to kill.

Unlawful, because, He broke no laws, he was and is sinless, he had to be, otherwise He would not have measured up to being a perfect sacrifice.

Intentional, obviously.

Killing, obviously.

Human being? Well he had to be, you can’t kill God, and He needed to die to be offered as a sacrifice and regain the authority for us as a man that Adam lost as a man when he disobeyed in the Garden.

I look at my son, when he sleeps, when he’s playing, crying, laughing, sitting, standing and every moment in between, and I am filled with love, it overpowers me, it permeates my being and drips from my pores. How did God watch as His Son was put to death, for a group of people that for the most part, would never truly appreciate the sacrifice? I shudder when my son bumps his head, what was God’s expression when Jesus was whipped, spat on and brutally tortured?

How much must He love a people so undeserving, that even though he knew they would not be perfect, completely live for him, completely do as He desired nor fully appreciate Him, he still held back and allowed His Son to become the lamb of sacrifice to wipe away any record of our sins.

I love my son with all my heart, but I am not sure I could let him suffer for others. The only conclusion I have at my disposal is that I can’t begin to comprehend the love that God must feel for me, I can merely accept it, because I can’t imagine it.

This love is here, for all. Why then are there children who go through life never experiencing the warmth that comes from knowing that they are loved more than they can understand. Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all the nations (or people) Matthew 28:19.

We can’t just put the work into people when they are older, it is as if we want to be part of building the walls and the roof, but excavating the ground and placing the foundations is not for us.

His love is in us, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. (Gal 2:20) and “In Him exists all the fullness of the Godhead…So you also are complete through your union with Him (Col 2:9-10).

We need to start laying some foundations, digging up some land. We need to start showing His love to those who never knew they are loved. Fathers, we need to be the ones raising men, being the example and teaching them, not relying on their teachers or youth/children’s pastors. Husbands we need to be the men we were called to be, we need to exist, speak out and walk in the authority given back to us by Christ. Being a Father is the highest office a man can hold, not CEO, President or billionaire. Tying a shoelace is more nobler that tying up a deal, wiping a tear shows greater strength than wiping the floor with your competitors being the hero to your son/daughter is much more powerful than being the boss. We were called to make disciples, in our homes, in our communities and in our world.

Men rise up, Fathers stand firm, love like He loved us to reach those who never knew they matter, they are loved and they have a Father. In your homes, churches, wherever you can. Be His love and die trying.

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