Unbelievable Mercy!

Wow, its been nearly two weeks since we last connected, I’ve been meaning to make time but to no avail. Today was going to be the same but I thought if I don’t get out and write, it will be another week before I know it.

These last 2 weeks have been trying to say the least. The weekend before last we were on our way church when my wife started have extreme stomach cramps, she said this was not normal and we needed to go to the hospital. We raced to our local casualty ward and they rushed her into the examination room, she was in such pain but I had to fill out forms.

After what seemed like a novel and a half I was able to go through and see her. Our son was with his Grandparents by this time so we could focus on each other. After a few opinions it was decided to give her a CT scan. We eventually made our way through to radiology and had the scan done.

As a side point, I know the doctors are more concerned with our physical well-being than our emotional state at this point, but it sure would have made things easier had they been a little lighter handed with me, but hey, I suppose I understand.

We were then taken into the trauma casualty after watching my wife faint and look as close to death without dying as I’d ever seen a person. The doctor sat us down and said in a calm but surgical way that she was sorry it was not good news. Yup, I haven’t said what was wrong as I at this point still did not know. Eventually they began to explain that my wife was pregnant but that they thought it was an Ectoptic pregnancy, which basically means she is pregnant but the little guy/girl hadn’t made the full journey to the womb. Whats more the fetus had attached in one of her fallopian tubes and as growth occurred it ruptured her tube, this meant there was around a litre of blood in her abdomen. So there we were, pregnant, unbeknownst to us and my wife was suffering from internal bleeding. Later that evening only, they operated and removed the ruptured tube, and my beautiful wife was left to recover and we now had to start processing what had just happened.


We had been trying ever since our first was born but sadly nothing. I sat quite numb for the first few days after all, life had to carry on as normal for our son. I proceeded to take up the slack as my wife recovered in hospital. After a few days she was discharged and life could start getting back to normal.

Amazingly we have been in such peace since we lost our baby, it is as if God has shielded us from the pain we would have felt had we known earlier that we were pregnant. God in all his awesome mercifulness allowed this to happen without us knowing what exactly was happening. Thank you Lord!

We sat last night wondering how God would turn this for his glory and here it goes.

In the darkest place Satan met us and came to steal kill and destroy that which we hold most dear, the chance to be parents to another child. He came as a thief in the night and stole what God had given us. His intention was to hinder, to hurt and destroy our passion and desire to reach into a world that is so desperate for the love of a Father and Mother, Satan intended this experience to make us turn to God in Anger and hatred, Satan intended us to lay blame at the His throne. YOU STOLE MY CHILD!

But what he intended for evil God intended for good. We stand unified in our desire and resolve to raise children that will be world changers and nation shapers, we stand convinced of our calling to be parents to the lost, to raise sons and daughters in love, to show them how much they are wanted and purposed, to show that He has a hope and future for them, and it is GOOD. God has turned this around because while Satan intended this to shake and shatter our bedrock, all it did was strengthen our desire to be parents, to be a father and mother, the likes of which have not been seen in this world.

Satan, let this promise ring true and let it echo through the halls and alleys of Hell and let it reverberate amongst all powers and principalities. WE SHALL NOT BE SHAKEN! We are called by the most high Jesus Christ, our Father God and Holy Spirit have clothed us with the mantle of parenthood. We desire to have more children, we desire to raise children and our efforts will be aimed at targeting the lies that you continue to shovel God’s people. We declare that our love for God is unshaken, we make it known to a hurting world that the Father’s heart is for his children to grow in maturity in an atmosphere of love and the knowledge that nothing is impossible with God. God is Merciful and Satan is defeated!

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