The Purpose of a Father! Part 2

 Well, here we go with part 2 of the purpose of a Father. Everyday it seems I fall in my pursuit of perfection as a Dad, but do you know what? That’s fine, I know whose I am and I know I am a new creation, righteous, cleansed and with these truths at my side I will press on forgetting all the mistakes that lie behind me. I will keep pursuing my Fathers heart in this area, and I believe the last eight purposes are well connected with Gods heart for Fathering.

Again, this is not a fully comprehensive list, but it’s a good start, a good measuring tool with which to gauge where you are as a father, and where you feel God wants you to be.

Here we go, the Purpose of a Father is:

  1. To create a place of safety.
  2. To set the atmosphere.
  3. To love his children’s Mom.
  4. To pray for his wife, children and marriage.
  5. To set the example that you must live what you speak.
  6. To raise warrior princes and beautiful princesses.
  7. To set the example of what God intended relations to be.
  8. To create focus.

As with before I have picked out certain purposes that seem to be lacking in the world today.


To create a place of safety

Well I live in South Africa so this may be an obvious purpose. But the place of safety I am referring to here, is a place where your entire family feels free to be exactly who they are, without any need or pressure to impress or cover up. Let your home be a place where everyone is so at peace that regardless of sin, mistakes, bad attitudes, shortcomings etc, no one feels that they have to put on a mask, EVER!

If our children are to make it on the field of battle, if they are to go out everyday and learn what it means to be light and salt, if they are to go out and survive the pressures that are tempting them to give up on all you have taught and prayed for, if they are to be able to resist the devil and watch him flee, then they better have a place to rest between battles, a place of absolute calm where they fit in completely, where they know they are a value add.

Ensure that your children live in a home where they feel they belong, where they can cry and laugh, where they can mourn and share victories and they can do all these things free of judgment. They need to feel your praise and God’s protection and not the world’s criticism and Satan’s destruction. Fathers this is your responsibility!


To love his children’s Mom

This is such an important role. The joke goes that I said I love you at the alter, and should something change I’ll let you know. How sad. I can honestly say that one of the greatest privileges I have on a daily basis is making my wife know that while life may bring many uncertainties, one of them is NOT whether she is loved.

For my children to know love, to experience love, to be able to identify and willing to show love in their marriages, they must first see it in mine. I am charged with the responsibility of raising men and woman of God, but also of loving their Mom with every ounce of my being. If I fail my wife, I fail my children! And since 1 Corinthians 13:8 says that “love never fails” if I operate in love the outcome will never be failure!


To pray for his wife, children and marriage

Every night I do my best to cover my son in prayer as best I can. I need to be asking God to bless him, to protect him to pour out wisdom on him. I need to ask God to give me wisdom and give my son boldness of character. I need to pray for my son’s friends, his wife and the family he will have one day. Hear this, Satan HATES the family because it represents something that is so powerful, and when coupled with God he cannot stop it. Therefore I need to pray for my family.

My wife needs my prayers, she needs me as the head of our household to cover her in prayer, to prefer her and make it known to the world and the heavenlies that she has immeasurable value.

Marriages are being destroyed, and with this, families and children’s hopes, dreams and futures. I come from a divorced home so I know the damage all to well. Men, we need to be asking God for wisdom in this area, we need to be asking for protection in this area from the million and one things that bombard us everyday and make us put our marriage second to our desires. Marriage is the place where so much of God’s heart is birthed, it is the example He uses all through the bible. A marriage and a covenant are the key to the world’s salvation and the key to a secure and protected family. God will only birth things in the womb of prayer.


To raise warrior princes and beautiful princesses

Finally, We are to raise Boys and girls into Men and woman of God who know that they are valued beyond understanding, that they are set apart, a royal priesthood, but that they are also being groomed for a life of war. My son will have to learn how to fight. Victory is his, but deception will require him to walk out the truth that we have victory. He will need to remind himself daily whose he is, where he comes from and where he’s going. Temptation is reaching insane proportions nowadays and its not about to let up, he needs to be able to withstand the barrage, and to do this he needs to know both his value and his calling.

I pray God would bless me with a daughter. When He does, I will be tasked with ensuring, as with my son, that she knows her worth. A daughter who knows her value will have no need to establish it. She needs to know that her Father God is radiating with joy at her beauty. She needs to be secure in who she is because of whose she is, because one day the cycle starts again and she will need to be a wife and mother who will be a proverbs 31 pillar in her family. Fathers please do this for your daughters.

And that’s it, not all of them but a good list of our purposes as Fathers. Never forget the powerful role you play and always keep raising men and woman of character, of love and of purpose. After all, that’s who God created them to be!





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