It’s about time!

I’m sitting here looking over the Maluti Mountains, around 15 km’s from Clarens, in the Northern Drakensberg. It is totally amazing how God works, these mountains just seem to explode from the ground and give the sense that such power has created them.

My wife and I have taken our first weekend away on our own in around 6 years, but on our own now requires that we leave our son at home with his Grandparents. I think it phases us more than him!

It’s amazing, that while we are here surrounded by such beauty, enjoying the scenery, revelling in the lack of schedule and things to do, one thing is so apparent to us. We are incomplete!

We are not pining for our son, we haven’t been depressed all day, we haven’t even been toying with the idea of going home, but we definitely feel that being a family is no longer about us. When he is not with us, we are not whole. Perhaps that is how God feels about us. We are saved, set free, redeemed, washed by the blood of the lamb and no longer under the law and condemnation, but is that where we stop?

I get the sense that although many are part of God’s awesome family, not everyone goes on holiday with Him. He will still go, he will still enjoy the family who go along with him, He will still rejoice in the time away, but He also has a definite sense that there are some people missing, some people who are part of His family but who have by choice accepted His gifts, His grace, His love, but have rejected His fellowship.

I sense Him saying “ I miss them, I long for them to journey with me. I have such incredible things to show and teach them, but they choose not to follow, I miss them!”

No matter how many times we leave our children behind as we go on holidays, journeys or adventures, they will never forfeit being our children, but they won’t be a part of the memories, the excitement, the joy or the blessing.

We as married couples need time away to re-connect, that’s fine, that’s beautiful, but how often do we choose our own life at the expense of the One who gave His so that we could keep ours?

I think there are many of us who once made a choice to follow Him, but through life we have cluttered our days with “to do’s” and neglected the “it is done”! Today I call on not just the fathers, but everyone who knows Him as Father, to take some time and reconnect with Him. He loves you more than you could ever imagine, connect with Him today, it will be the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done!

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