Be Prepared!

As Fathers, we need to be informed of what is happening around us, especially when it comes to things that will affect our kids. More than that, we need to be educated and equipped to deal with a society that is moving so fast that we can hardly keep up with the changes.

One of the biggest areas and fastest growing areas is technology. We need to keep informed, we need to be able to relate to our children, we need to be able to predict potential dangers, and to do this we need to know about and how to use the tech that our kids are and will be using.

It’s a strange world where we allow our children to use tools that we have not first made ourselves familiar with, and have no idea about the dangers of using them. Get familiar! Your family needs you to know, so you can show, and they can go!

Check out this graphic, it gives an idea of the size of the task at hand.

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