God is on twitter

Well, I am not one to rave all day long about the overwhelming benefits of technology. There are such massive dangers that go hand in hand with development. Communities, families, marriages and individuals can be hurt, scared and defeated. But this video speak volumes, I think, to a generation that is becoming harder to reach. I think this is a really good translation of the Gospel in modern-day young person vernacular.

Go get your church on!

I know it, I’ve seen and I’ve felt it. So many reasons not to go, but really only one reason that you should stay. Him! Take Jesus out of the equation, take His grace, His love, His mercy and a relationship with Him away and you will find all sorts of reasons not to go to church.

But, understand what He meant church to be, get real, get open, get willing to become accountable and share life with other people, I think you’ll find it hard to shake the got to, want to, love to be there desire from your life.

Remember, church is not a hotel for the healed, but a hospital for the broken. Let’s impact the world.

Where have all the smelly people gone?

So tonight my wife and I went to watch a movie, something simple, something funny, some time alone, except for the 100 or so other people there, but regardless it was great. Granny was looking after our little one so we took the opportunity to get out and do something we don’t often do. We laughed, had some coffee, ate some chips. Good times:)

As we were walking to the car, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, my first thought, please don’t follow us, but as you know with a first thought like that, she did. She walked right up to us as we were getting into the car.

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