We’ve all heard how no one sits on their death-bed wishing they’d spent more time at the office, landed a bigger deal, spent more time on their own, watching sports, being upset, being angry, just being. Everyone will agree regardless of their faith, that they would expect someone to wish they had spent more time with the ones they loved and loved them.

What a year, some epic down points but also some magnificent highlights. We lost a baby, but we have been blessed with watching our son grow and grow. From new words, to personality developments, to potty training and big boy beds. My beautiful wife is still my best friend and importantly my favourite person. Jesus is still my Lord and Saviour and continues to blow us away with His grace and favour. What a God!

Our hearts have been further knitted with the purpose of parenting more children, not just our own, to provide a home and family to someone or some-many that don’t have that. God has been relieving me of my need for recognition, titles and monetary success as a measure of significance. He has been revealing more that my purpose has to do with fathering, discipling and guiding young people to understand their God appointed appointment. I am understanding more that my passion lies with guiding, young men especially, into a place where they can enter the workforce knowing who they are, whose they are, their God-given authority and mantle and who God desires them to be as husbands fathers and men.

So have I lead a regretless year? I think I would have to say yes. Are there things I didn’t get round to doing, yup, things I should have done but was to lazy, oh yeah. But that’s ok, I can live with that, and God willing He will grace me to accomplish the things I never did, or give me wisdom to realize they were side shows that would have taken my attention away from the main event.

If you had to pick one thing from 2011 that you were most thankful for what would it be? I have a few things I am so thankful for, but one thing stands out for me and that is having the opportunity of spending more time with my brother than `I have ever and I trust that will continue and his relationship with Jesus will be one thing less for me to regret one day.

I think 2012 is a year that will be a turning point for many, a year where God declares to His children “watch what I will do”. Lets go into 2012 with an excitement, and expectancy and passion to serve God, your wife, your children and whoever else God puts across your path. Lets keep ourselves focused on who and what really matters and take practical steps towards structuring our lives in such a way that anyone can readily see what really matters in our lives. Maybe its kicking a bad habit, forgiving someone, reaching out or maybe moving or changing a job.

Whatever it is be sure of this, at the end of the day who we are is determined by what we hold closest to us, and how easily God will get us to where He wants us to be will depend on whether that thing that you hold closest is something that is close to His heart or something that is hardening your heart.

Merry Christmas, have a blessed time, remember Him, remember your family and those without either. 2012, watch what He will do!

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