XXX marks the spot

The more I listen, the more I hear.  No matter what the excuses or defences may be, I have seen first hand the hurt and pain that pornography produces.

I have heard the arguments, I have sat with men as they defend their desires, read articles that attempt to rubbish the claims that pornography is damaging and I have browsed through comments on news articles from people who seek to put forward that no harm can come from indulging in pornography.

Until you sit across from a young boy whose life is falling apart from the guilt, unless you see the hurt in the face of the ones you love most, unless you take the time to look into the lives of those poor people who spend their lives producing the drug that so many men and woman find themselves addicted to, unless you are willing to go on a journey of discovering the truth about what many believe to be “a little bit of fun” you cannot  in all honesty defend something that is killing our children.

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