Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Well it has been a few months and I am now back to a new normal. We are now the proud parents of 2 amazing boys. One was brought into our family through a caesarean section, and the other, our most recent addition through adoption. We have embarked on an entirely new journey as a family and are so excited about what God has in store for us and how He plans to use us to create awareness about the awesome power of adoption and the great need for it as well, but also in how His name will be glorified through this family.

This last Sunday our Pastor shared on Jesus and the feeding of the 5000. He drew parallels throughout the Bible where God instructs his people not to be fully abled to do what He has called them to do, but to simply come with what they have and he will do all that He wants using the little that they posses. From a few rolls and fish to a feast to a stuttering man with a stick leading the greatest exodus ever, we see a picture of a God who is not dependant on our ability but rather simply asks that we make available the little we have and be willing to let him multiply it. So Lord the greatest I have is my humble family, my amazing marriage, beautiful wife and 2 precious boys, they are yours, let the journey begin!

The title for this post is oddly perfect in that, its inspiration came from a young man who actually sang a song with the very same title. We were on our way to church and heard on the Radio that this singer is worth nearly a Billion rand, yup BILLION. So we were thinking and just amazed that he has this worth because people all around the world have basically given him their money, yes they were buying his music and yes he is talented etc. But it got me thinking about how we seem to throw money at frivolous things at an unquenchable rate, but when it comes to the important things, the organisations or charities in such need of our financial partnering, we suddenly become very cautious and sceptical with their vision, their mission, their accounting policies and transparency and how do they really spend the money they are given, as if to say my money is very valuable and you better be using it for a cause almost as important as the need for God to separate the Red sea so Moses and his people could be set free. We draw a line in our moral high ground on how we demand that our money be used to save the world and all other important things and yet we empower a young singer to become an almost billionaire.  I think we have a double standard here, it seems that as soon as I am directly benefitting from my money, then I can waste it, but as soon as someone else may benefit, then my fingers get sticky, my pockets become empty and my excuses multiply. Am I saying we should just throw our money at every random cause? Absolutely not! It should be clear where my money goes, I should demand transparency and accountability with my finances, I should be entitled to see that my money is being put to work, but it seems that we’d rather waste money on ourselves than give to others in the hope that they will benefit. We pick and choose the beneficiaries of our giving in a bizarre way.

In South Africa we have a problem with Rhino poaching, so there is a massive campaign underway to create awareness and protect the rhino. Adverts, stickers, bracelets, events and even red rhino horns for your car. Did you know that I cannot begin to count the times I have heard about how we should be saving the rhinos through various social media’s this past year, but I haven’t heard a single plea to save the orphans, the nearly 4 million orphans in South Africa or nearly 50 million aids orphans worldwide. Am I saying forget the rhino, no, but what I am saying is, we tend to throw our money and energies at campaigns and objects that have little to no eternal value, when there are millions of children begging for food, for love, for a family and a home. Whether it be by directly adopting, assisting a home or empowering others to take up the challenge through financial support and otherwise, lets prioritize our spending, let’s get a return more meaningful than full iPods and tapping feet, lets fill bellies, wipe away tears, make sons and daughters of boys and girls and ensure that they have a future that extends long after their aged out date. I have been inundated with praise for what we have done for our son, and while it makes me feel good, it is nothing more than a simple instruction, its nothing more than doing what I have been told, what we all have been told!

Lets take a second and think about what we are doing with our time here on earth, are we making people richer so they can enjoy their lives, or are we making our lives richer by allowing others to simply have a life?

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