From the Heart!


Is there a way I can touch you,

Is there a sign I should know?
Is there a path I should follow?
To help you learn and grow.I may not be experienced,
In what was sent to me from above.
But know I am experienced,
In these feelings that are LOVe!

I know you’ve seen me shed a tear,
And know that it was unplanned.
The tears you see, are tears of joys,
The more I understand.

I watch you as you play alone,
Now apparently that’s wrong.
The fact you don’t need others,
To me… That makes you strong.

I can’t explain the bond we have,
Although words of it, seldom spoken.
The bond we have is thick as thieves,
This bond can not be broken.

How am I so blessed?
To have a son like you.
Because I never knew till now,
How much I need you too.

So walk with me, my son,
From now, until the end.
Just know how much I love you,
My boy and my best friend.

I pray you meet an autistic child,
And the wisdom they impart.
And that all of you, may one day meet,
This angel, that stole my heart.

(Justin Paul Toweel)

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