2 thoughts on “Why I hate Religion!

  1. This went ‘viral’ on the internet months ago. One thing which Christians should know is that you cannot read and accept Scripture and the great heroes of the faith and at the same time reject “religion.” Over the centuries, Christians such as Augustine, Wesley, Calvin, Luther, to 2Oth Century writers like Lewis and Tozer, etc. have always made the distinction between true religion and false religion.

    The speaker makes some important and needed points. However, the disparagement of religion: [ “the service and worship of God”–Webster] comes from the modern evangelical mantra, “It’s not a religion, its a relationship.”

    Of course, all those heroes of the faith named above and throughout church history, knew that a true relationship was the key to true religion.


    • Absolutely, its a sad fact that how religion has come to be understood is from a position of judgement, hatred sometimes and indifference. Our definition, or what we understand to mean religion has caused many to turn away. I don’t think that when God coined the phrase this was His intention, unfortunately, like much of what He meant, some feel it was up to interpretation and twisting, and many have found themselves up to the task.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share needed wisdom. Hope you stick around and read some more, I’d love some input on my latest post.



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