Sticks and Stones…But words?

WordsI’ve decided to do a few pieces on how we as parents can either Curse or bless our children.  The kicker is that most parents would cringe at the thought of cursing their beloved little ones, but if we actually take a step back and think about how we speak to them, even over this last week for example, I bet we would all be able to highlight a few sterling examples of where we did anything but heap praises and blessing on our kids.

Every morning as the sun dares to dip its toes in the pool of a new day, Mom and dad wake with the greatest of intentions. Today, I will succeed, today I will be victorious, I will conqour the business world, my family with ascend to greater heights, my children will yet again wonder what they did to deserve such amazing parents, I will walk through this day causing such ripples in the Devils desires for my life that he will wish for me not to get up tomorrow for fear that we will again punch gaping holes in his plans for me, my marriage and my children. Lookout, here comes Mommy and Daddy!

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Our powers combined…

ImageYesterday was Father’s day in South Africa, interestingly it was also Youth Day. I found it quite profound that on a day where we are intending to honour fathers for the sacrifices they have made, we would also be celebrating how young people stood up to oppression and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice.

I wonder, how often young people today end up making sacrifices that should be borne by father’s. How often do son’s and daughters pay a price  as a result of their fathers abdicating responsibilities and duties that were intended for them, how often do the past sins of the fathers come back to haunt the future possibilities of the young?

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