Dear world, I need a family, love orphans everywhere!


James 1:27

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” (NLT)

A few weeks ago, I read an article about how a Christian adoption agency was getting some bad press due to their policies on who can adopt and who cannot when using them in the placement process. The crux of the matter was that as they are a Christian agency and subscribe to Biblical truths, they were prevented from placing Children into homosexual families.

This is a hot topic! Should homosexuals be allowed to adopt, should children without a family be denied of a future because their parent’s sexual orientation is seen as sin? I’m wanting discussion, I’m hoping for comments. Its not about my opinion really, what is most important here is, that there are millions of children worldwide without families, and should we as believers in Jesus Christ, be allowed to prevent those children from having families who’s sexual preferences are biblically wrong, when we the “righteous ones” are not stepping up and saying I’ll adopt you instead?

Going back to the scripture from James, you can’t escape the fact that the audience for that task was believers. So the question begs, if we are not doing it, should that stop it from being done? And, if we are not doing something that is so close to God’s heart, aren’t we living a life of sin, just as much as those we label unfit to parent?

God throughout the Bible uses people groups that were not his first choice to move in such a way that His will was done. Even groups of people that were enemies of God’s chosen, He used them to ultimately get the job done that should have been done by His own. Throughout history we see the stories of stubborn believers who needed God to use the unchosen so that the chosen could get back on track and get busy with what they were called to accomplish. Is this any different?

Would homosexual parents be worse parents? Would they “turn” those children Gay? Can God still move in the hearts and lives of those adopted children? My opinion, No, No and absolutely! Recently in South Africa a couple has been found guilty for killing there baby. Neglect, abuse both physical and sexual lead to this little angels death, and they were straight? In the UK, a mom has just been found guilty for the death of her 4 years old, who died of starvation and then was left in the cot for 2 years until found. I don’t condone nor agree it is God’s best for a same sex couple to live as one, nor do I think you can justify it when the Bible seems pretty clear on what God’s heart is for men and women. But, His heart is also that His children are loved and protected, that they have a family, a place to call home and parents to hold them, love them and give their lives for them. I don’t believe we can in all honesty say that these credentials are only carried by traditional parents and I am worried that because we, His body, have come up with excuse after excuse why we should not show love to the least of these, we may have lost the right to say who should!

Just think about it, how many challenges would we not be facing in terms of changes in morals, cultural norms, orientation etc, if we had just done what God asked us to do. Orphan care is one such challenge! If 7% of Christians were to adopt, there would be no orphans, so the question I feel should not be why should same sex couples not be allowed to adopt, the real question is, why aren’t the people who were tasked with adoption in the first place, not doing what they have been told?

2 thoughts on “Dear world, I need a family, love orphans everywhere!

  1. I do not have a leg to stand on. I’m not prepared to adopt a child, and I truly admire people who are prepared to adopt someone. Bringing up my own 4 was for me a huge, massive responsibility. I knew I had to live a moral, God filled life to be able to teach them my values. Done by example, it worked, they are the fruits of my dependence on God and His ways. Yet, better to let children have a loving home, where they will have the security of a roof over their heads, food in their tummies, and clothing to wear than to deny these people, be they whatever type of sinners, to look after and love a child or children.
    I know a wonderful young man who was adopted by a well meaning couple, and later had serious drinking and gambling problems, and even so, this young man has grown up to be a sterling, Godly man – so who is to say or judge whether same sex couples, or even single moms like me (widowed when my kids were small) should be able and eligible to adopt a child in need of a home.


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