The Father Heart Fund

UntitledFor some years now, since starting on our journey of adoption, My wife and I have often wondered how we could do more to help the Fatherless. We have limited capacity, we have limited space, practically, the need is too great.

But what if we were to focus on our pond? What if we threw a pebble in our pond, and the people at the pond next door thought “We can do that” and so on. Very quickly we arrive at a place where we don’t have to feel like we are fighting the battle alone, all of a sudden the little I have takes on a new value because it is added to the little someone else has. Very soon, a trickle becomes a stream, becomes a river which becomes a body of water that can now affect massive change.

It is a sad irony that in a world of excess many exist with great need

This is where I find myself. In a world where excess is normal, we also find great lack existing. How do these two polar opposites exist juxtapose?

I believe 2 reasons for this peculiar situation is firstly, many of us are rather selfish, and secondly, we don’t have an avenue where our little could conceivably make any difference and therefore we’d rather do nothing extremely well than something poorly.

But I can’t sit by and exist on really fruitful inaction! Honestly, I’d rather attempt and fail in the process than sit back and succeed at doing nothing.

So at the chance of failure, we have partnered with NOIN (No-One-In-Need) and have established the Father Heart Fund. The aim of this fund is to provide a place where people can throw their pebbles and when added to mine and yours and the next guys’, we can actually do something great.

The hope is that individuals see an opportunity to sow a little to enable a great harvest for others. In a Recent post I highlighted that If I give R50, I then get 10 people close to me to agree to a stop order, they get 10 more and then those 10 find another 10, by this level, we have over 1000 people contributing on a monthly basis, over R50 000.00 a month. This will be stewarded by a board of passionate individuals who will allocate the money according to the needs of Places of Safety and the children who call that place home.

You can give more and you can find less people but I believe both numbers won’t require you to go beyond your comfort zone. No daunting 100 sign ups or the like. I have 10 people on my family WhatsApp group already, my work is done!

Stop orders have been chosen as the vehicle of choice as this allows the individual to regain control and if need be vote with their feet. It also prevents funds being eaten up by unnecessary debit order costs, allowing maximum effectiveness of the funds available.

Why individuals? Frankly, if we were to go to corporates, create events etc, greater costs are involved and the exercise becomes more about creating brand awareness and “buy-in” than creating an avenue for the every day man/woman to be the change. Social media will also be used, WhatsApp your friends, share images, share this post and let people know they can make a huge impact to the lives of a little boy/girl who through no fault of their own, started their journey in a less than ideal way, but with your help, something can be done. Maybe we can’t change their reality completely but at least we can make a substantial dent in the lie that tells them “YOU DON’T MATTER”

On a monthly basis, we will be communicating with our “pebble givers” letting them know practically what the ripple, they’ve played a part in creating, has done. Nappies, NAN, gloves, medicine, medical tests or other needs can be taken care of if we target this challenge together.

The bank account has been set up under NOIN, with full Non profit and tax exempt status with s18A deduction certificate registration. Even though the point of giving is not to get a refund, it helps in assuring people this is not simply a bank account but a fully fledged, properly created organisation.

The reference number should be your email address to facilitate the sending of monthly updates and the bank account is:

FNB Bank Account:

Code: 254 005

Account no: 62559578095


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