Is this Ok with Me?

indexOnce upon a time we were sold a beautiful lie. We were sold the idea that for all our works and effort the highest prize that may be obtained is a life of comfort. A life where I find comfort in my home, my job, my income, my possessions, my faith, my family and many others.

This is not a lie because these things don’t bring comfort as they do! It is a lie because for us to have this comfort, it requires that either everyone has found it, we can’t see that others have not found it or that we don’t really care whether comfort has been found by others.

How can anyone ever be comfortable knowing that so many live in complete discomfort? Waking up hungry, alone, parentless, futureless, hopeless, in pain, in depression, in slavery, in darkness. The truth should cause us to realise that we can’t accept comfort when so many live without it! 

“William walked home from his job late one night and nearly tripped over a drunk who had found refuge in a gutter. The man was dirty, smelled and mumbled incoherently. Within steps of his home, his wife and a warm bowl of soup, William was forced to ask himself AM I OK WITH THIS? He could have walked over this man, gone home and continued with his “comfortable life” earning a good wage and staying out of trouble, no one was expecting William to solve this, but the question remained, AM I OK WITH THIS?

Not many years later William Booth’s organisation, the Salvation Army was born out of a need to answer the question he was faced with on those cold dark streets of London. William took that man in, he fed him, gave him a bath and a bed to sleep in, most of all, he gave him hope. All this began with a question, AM I OK WITH THIS?

I’d like you to ask yourself this question in the context of the orphan crisis in South Africa. ARE YOU OK with children growing up in a home without a mom or a dad, ARE YOU OK with the idea that many are against abortion but don’t put their hands up to take in the children who are freed from death, ARE YOU OK to accept that you live in comfort when tonight a child will go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow will bring, ARE YOU OK with lifting your hands in church, reading your bible, praying to God knowing full well that there are children who may never know the love of their Father God because you won’t raise them as your own, ARE YOU OK with accepting God’s free gift of adoption as a son or daughter without in some way extending that free gift to a child without a family, ARE YOU OK with maintaining your level of comfort at the expense of theirs?

Sounds hard, maybe a little unfair, perhaps you believe you can’t afford another mouth to feed, another school fee to pay, another member on your medical aid? Perhaps you are correct but I can’t continue to believe the lie that the comfort I currently experience is of more value than the child who experiences none!

What can you do?

  1. Adopt;
  2. Support those who want to adopt;
  3. Educate yourself on the statistics in South Africa;
  4. Get your church involved with solving the problem;
  5. Become more vocal on the needs of these children.

It’s a start! If we ever want to wake up in a South Africa where true healing is taking place, taking in and giving these children a family might be good start!

2 thoughts on “Is this Ok with Me?

  1. A tough read but a huge wake-up call – a few years back it was common to hear someone say ‘What would Jesus do’ and it was fashionable within Christian circles to wear the armbands WWJD. The early church in ACTS had Deacons set apart to care for Widows and Orphans and the feel is that it was high on their priority list – Jesus modelled that for the early believers before leaving this earth.
    As churches, organisations and believers we should set the pace in our communities for what it means to be a light in a very dark place – we need to be empowered to walk in the fullness of our calling and our commissioning.
    ‘Is it ok with me’?….no its not ok with me and as new testament churches this should take centre stage in a lot of our planning and budgeting – an awakening in families and churches is what is required for this to become a reality, ignorance is not good enough any longer.
    Thanks Tom for an inspirational read – keep reminding and modelling for us what is close to the Father heart of God.


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