A day in the life of Dad

16 May 2015

Boys day out while mom’s at a conference. Waffles for breakfast, bike park and milk shakes for lunch. #theperks

15 May 2015

Hide and seek should be an Olympic sport.

12 May 2015

Came home today to play Lego with my boys, some priorities are better than others.

13 February 2012

Wow, has it been so long since I last updated. Well, My son started nursery school this Jan, I was so proud to watch him handle the change so well, what a champion. The other big thing is that we’ve decided to adopt. We have started a course just familiarising ourselves with the process etc, amazing and heart wrenching at the same time. Did you know that if 7% of professing Christians were to adopt, there would be no orphans, chew on that for as while.

6 September 2011

Wow its been too long. So my son has not been feeling well lately and not eating too well either. So I went to get his favourite meal from the shops to get him to eat something. I said I was going to get the meal and quick as a flash in his super cute voice he says “ok, thank you, bye bye” He’s amazing!

5 August 2011

My sons first night in a big boy bed, what a champion went down without a fuss, he’s awesome.

28 July 2011

It was my son’s birthday today, he got engulfed with lightning McQueen toys and then we took him to the zoo. It was such fun seeing him enjoy watching the animals he has learnt the sounds to. Happy birthday my little champion.

14 July 2011

So amped that my son is saying please for things he wants. I need to be careful because I’m so proud of him that I’m likely to give him anything he wants. That’s what being a Dad requires, seeing the bigger picture and maybe making the difficult calls because of it.

4 July 2011

I like to think that when I am putting my son to bed and he keeps asking for “more prayers” it means I am showing him the way, and not that he just wants to stay awake 🙂

22 June 2011

Note to self, when starting bath time, catch son quickly, before he runs away and trips, falls head first into coffee table, and have to spend night in casualty getting stitches for his head, AGAIN!

7 June 2011

It is official both my wife and son’s nanny say I am the best at putting on our son’s nappy. A massive victory for Dads, however, I now find myself with more nappies to change. Oh well you win some, you lose some.

6 June 2011

Washing my car with my son may take twice as long but then again it’s 10 times more fun. It is so cool watching him discover new things, what a privilege!

2 June 2011

For all you wonderful grandparents out there, don’t buy you grandchildren dvd’s and give them the package 10 minutes before bedtime, it seems monumentally unfair to them to make them bath over watching Bob the Builder. I promised I’d watch it with him as soon as he wakes up, please Lord let him not wake up at 4 am again.

31 May 2011

I really enjoy putting son to bed, I have the privilege of praying for him, asking god to give us wisdom give him protection and boldness. God has such awesome plans for him and I can’t wait to see them unfold.

27 May 2011

Hearing my son say “please” at dinner seems such a little thing, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to our day. Love you my little warrior prince.

26 May 2011

Wow today I am tired, my son had dinner way past his bed time, he was really not in the mood because he was so tired. Note to self give him dinner at the usual time or things go a hit crazy, thank God for grace and the ability to extend it to our children.

25 May 2011

I really dislike smacking my son, it really hurts me sometimes. I wish he had a built in desire to do good. But he doesn’t so we guide and correct him, all the while making sure he lives in an environment of love, acceptance and security. I am so glad that while I dislike smacking the fruit of it at least makes me see that it is good for him.

24 May 2011

My beautiful wife came home today, doing most things on my own while she gets stronger. So proud of her. Don’t know how single parent homes have this as their reality. Know why God intended parenting to be a team sport!

23 May 2011

Wow it’s been a while, life seems to run beyond us. We can’t let that happen too often. My wife’s been in hospital with an ectopic pregnancy and so the pregnancy ended feel a bit numb but so thankful she is doing better. So blessed to have so much support, our son has been amazing, what a champion.

10 May 2010

Highlight of the day! After taking my son to the shops and buying him some new toy cars, he sat playing with them on the couch, then came up to me, pushed me towards the couch and said “sit” He wanted me to play cars. What a moment, to choose him over work, to make a point that he is more valuable than deadlines!

7 May 2011

Was playing with my son this afternoon. As I stood watching over him I got this feeling that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him, how I had such a desire to protect him even though he probably wasn’t aware. I felt that is how God is with us so protective of his children, watching over us. He wants us to feel secure and safe in his presence. My son needs to know even subconsciously, that he is safe and secure in my presence, just like our Father God wants us to feel. So cool how God uses my son to reflect things about my sonship with Him.

4 May 2011

What an amazing feeling, my son walks into the kitchen today with his duckie, lies on the floor and calls me to hug them. The joys of Fatherhood.

3 May 2011

My sons ability to speak is so amazing, everyday I am more amazed by him, every day I realise how I love him more than I did yesterday. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

28 April 2011

My wife and I just ate the rest of our son’s chocolate Easter eggs using the logic that it’s healthier for him. Does this mean we are bad parents? 🙂

26 April 2011

Got a new Winnie the Pooh DVD for my son today, I absolutely love blessing him. It is not spoiling! Fruit gets spoilt, children who are loved and cherished get blessed. I encourage you to bless yours today, even with something small, the smile it brings to their little faces, knowing that they are so valued, is Indescribable!

25 April 2011

What an awesome day! Spent some wonderful relaxing time with my family. Was so awesome just playing with my son. Dads, spend time on the ground, rolling in leaves, becoming the newest race track for their cars or the most amazing living jungle gym. Don’t miss the opportunities to be the reason for their joy.

24 April 2011

Today we celebrate the day the greatest Father’s only son gave us freedom. Many died on the cross but only He rose from the dead. This was not just a show of His power, but a declaration that the wages of sin, which are death, has been paid. His death appeased the need for justice, it redeemed the lost, but his resurrection shows us that all He said he was and all He promised us, was true.

The love He has for us amazes me, I don’t think I could let my son go through what He allowed, but it shows me how much He must love me, and it challenges me to not let that sacrifice go unappreciated. One way I can do this is to love my son extravagantly and to raise him up to be a man of God! Lord give me wisdom to do this.

23 April 2011

I really don’t like looking at the newspaper, it is mostly full of violence, sex, foolishness, selfishness and hatred, sadly coming from mostly men. What were their Fathers like, did they know that they would raise immature babies running around in men’s bodies doing what they want when they want it indifferent to how it would effect everyone else?

Lord help me to raise a man who will be an example, help him to stand strong and be a bastion of hope and the truth in a world that seems to be getting worse every day. We need to be intentional in our Fathering. What sons do we intend to raise and will our intentions be served by our methods?

20 April 2011

Well, you know you pray, you ask, you expect but you don’t do these things expecting to look back at the end of the day, so thankful you had, because this or that could have happened differently. I am not perfect I have serious chinks on my armour but I humbly submit to you that I am pursuing holiness and christlikness, some days I come off a bit a short, but I continue regardless. But I pray for my son, if there is one thing I do, its pray, for amongst other things his safety.

Yesterday we weren’t paying attention and when we resumed, we realised our son was not in the house, I went tot the back and saw him walking toward me saying the word “pool”. He had fallen in! Praise God for nets. He was so brave, he must have fallen and gotten off by himself. call it coincidence, call it good planning. I like to call it God looking after our son.

Thank You!

19 April 2011

Today I was helping my beautiful wife learn to drive a manual, now I am not the most patient person so we took our son along to help me learn to have more patience. It helps because I need to teach him how to treat people so having him there helped both of us, I had to keep cool because he was there and he saw me treating his mom how
she should be treated, or atleast saw me trying. it’s amazing how our children end up teaching us more than we teach them.

18 April 2011

What a blessing to be able to sit with my son every night and pray for him. So many Dads only come home after their children are asleep, but I encourage you all to still pray over your children as they sleep. What an advantage to have children that are covered in prayer as they sleep.

Pray into their lives, ask God to bless them with boldness, with wisdom, with Godly relationships. Ready the soil with prayer so they can reap an even greater harvest as they grow.

17 April 2011

What a blessing it is to see my sons vocab growing, we sat this evening actually discussing how lightning McQueen made the tractor cows fall down in the movie Cars, brilliant!

To see him grow and express himself brings unexplainable joy to us.

16 April 2011

Well my son thought it a good idea to get up at 3:30 this morning to watch Thomas the tank engine, I was not as excited by the idea. In even the most innocent of children’s programs there may be things that scare them. A word of advice, know when they are coming and fast forward, it makes life better for all.

Good night.

21 February 2011

Well, My son just called his Granny to tell her that her phone was ringing, he is building Lego like a champion and his words are coming past and furious. He’s amazing!

I encourage all you Fathers out there to grab every single opportunity possible to affirm, encourage and lift up you kids for the little mountains they climb.

What a rush!

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