What He was, who He is and where we are meant to journey, is the adventure of developing the Fathers heart.

My Purpose has always been wrapped up in becoming a Father. I only understood the full extent of this when my wife gave birth to our first child. Now, everything I am and will become is geared towards raising children of God, who will stand in the face of adversity, love in the presence of hatred and heal in the darkness of pain. Me, my wife and our family are pushing towards a tomorrow, where our family and our children will be nation changers and world shapers.

This all starts with the Fathers understanding their function in the home, and becoming the men God intended them to be so they can do what He purposed them to do.

The Father Heart is a journey where God reveals through Himself, His word, life experiences and various other avenues, what the heart of the Father actually is, and the power that it holds in moulding son’s and daughters.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. What an awesome responsibility we have as fathers to lead, guide and model for our children a Spirit infused, passionate relationship with our Father God…..parenting is not a perfect science and our kids get that, but a life style of relationship with the Father God we can model for our families and kids at a very early age and they will never depart from it – as a fifth generation pastor’s kid I can confirm that is so true.
    Thanks Tom for being an inspiration to me.


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