The Father Heart Fund

UntitledFor some years now, since starting on our journey of adoption, My wife and I have often wondered how we could do more to help the Fatherless. We have limited capacity, we have limited space, practically, the need is too great.

But what if we were to focus on our pond? What if we threw a pebble in our pond, and the people at the pond next door thought “We can do that” and so on. Very quickly we arrive at a place where we don’t have to feel like we are fighting the battle alone, all of a sudden the little I have takes on a new value because it is added to the little someone else has. Very soon, a trickle becomes a stream, becomes a river which becomes a body of water that can now affect massive change.

It is a sad irony that in a world of excess many exist with great need

This is where I find myself. In a world where excess is normal, we also find great lack existing. How do these two polar opposites exist juxtapose?

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Adoption Sponsoring

imagesWanted: Loving family to take me home, to love me, to protect me, to make me believe I am wanted.

When: ASAP

Contact: Millions of children worldwide

Cost: Too high for many.

The wanted ad would read like this I am sure. So many children, too few of them finding a home, a family and a forever after. God must have been on to something when He specifically instructed us to look after the orphans. He made it very clear, He commanded us to do this, why? Because He knew we would forget or become to busy to notice.

I have been wracking my brain the last few years trying to think of ways to help orphans on a greater scale. I can’t adopt them all, but I can’t seem to get my head around why they can’t all have a family, when there are plenty to go around, why? Why? WHY?

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