The Unsung Hero!

hero_SqaureWEBI remember several years ago, sitting in my first adoption class, learning, discovering, being challenged and without my knowing, having my path severely altered.

I also remember the group being asked to give our thoughts on birth moms. Quick as a cat I rememb shuffling my position to one of complete ignorance and judgement. The exact words escape me but my position was based on judging a mom who could give away her child because I could never do that. Thankfully, the lady leading us was skillfully able to highlight the errors in my position in a way that simultaneously  corrected my mindset and convicted me to be part of the solution.

Of course I couldn’t relate, of course I could never have given up my first-born, but then again, I never had to! I never stared into the dark only to have fear look back at me, I never viewed my wives pregnancy as anything other than a joy. I never had my dreams shattered over a period of 9 months, I never was abandoned to live out the consequences of my decisions, or perhaps abandoned to live out the consequences of someone elses choices on my body. I never endured ridicule at the possibility of having to drop out of school, to explain to people why I didn’t use protection or couldn’t say no. Continue reading

Without my mom


That day’s gone by but the memories remain,

when you chose me above all of the pain,

I started small and helpless and weak,

yet you protected me, yours was the first smile I tried to seek.

Then time went by, and stronger I did grow,

all your love, your passion, your hopes you let clearly show.

then oneday I chose another but you had gone away,

but through the tears and loss your memory is here to stay.

She has grown too, and just like you, she did become,

a miracle, a wonder and the blessing that is mum.

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