Not On My Radar


I’m feeling a little despondent today! I’m sensing the enormity of the challenge and I’m weighed down by the reality of the need. I’m troubled that so many believe and have accepted our own adoption as sons’ and daughters’ into God’s family, and yet the idea of adoption for many is as far from them them as the East is from the West.

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The Unsung Hero!

hero_SqaureWEBI remember several years ago, sitting in my first adoption class, learning, discovering, being challenged and without my knowing, having my path severely altered.

I also remember the group being asked to give our thoughts on birth moms. Quick as a cat I rememb shuffling my position to one of complete ignorance and judgement. The exact words escape me but my position was based on judging a mom who could give away her child because I could never do that. Thankfully, the lady leading us was skillfully able to highlight the errors in my position in a way that simultaneously  corrected my mindset and convicted me to be part of the solution.

Of course I couldn’t relate, of course I could never have given up my first-born, but then again, I never had to! I never stared into the dark only to have fear look back at me, I never viewed my wives pregnancy as anything other than a joy. I never had my dreams shattered over a period of 9 months, I never was abandoned to live out the consequences of my decisions, or perhaps abandoned to live out the consequences of someone elses choices on my body. I never endured ridicule at the possibility of having to drop out of school, to explain to people why I didn’t use protection or couldn’t say no. Continue reading

Many hands make light work

handsThis past weekend we had the privilege of attending a baby-shower for a place of Safety. Incidently, this particular place of safety looked after our little one before he came home to us. Such a wonderful idea, getting a bunch of people together, most of whom would never be at a place to hear about the victories and losses experienced at a home like this.

Some stories gave you such hope and others reached deep within and had people questioning how others could be so cruel to those so small. Stories of sheer determination being found in the most unlikely places arose, from Corporate grinders turning their lives around to babies who in spite of the outside world’s desire to abort them, refused to give up, valiantly fought the odds, defeated cruel intentions and made their way into the hearts and lives of forever families.

But, and there always seems to be a “but”, what will result from an encounter like this? Even though many sat, listening intently, sharing a moment of vulnerability and agreeing with the mission, will anyone be moved from being a fan of the idea to becoming a champion of the cause?

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The Adoption Solution

a325I remember sitting in my first adoption training session at a local church, staring at a board, engaging with the questions around why adoption rates in South Arica are so low. I was faced with a question around the screening behind adoption and whether our checks and balances are too strict.

I remember clearly, declaring with absolute certainty that they were, only to be comprehensively rebuffed by the lady leading the course that the processes followed in screening parents were not to blame. More than this they were necessary, practical and perhaps slightly too lenient.

We have come a fair way since that first “knowledgable” outburst of mine, but the question still remains, what is the solution?

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3 reasons why Adoptive parents aren’t special

9029740_s1 (1)Sitting with my beautiful wife last night (any excuse to boast) she was sharing about how she feels when people speak about those who adopt as a separate group of people. The words “special” “different” and “called” came up and while these are glowing reflections on what we and many people do, and don’t get me wrong, praise is always accepted and appreciated, there is a subtle danger in people accepting and giving these specific praises too easily.

Imagine a couple, feeling called by God to open up their hearts to the lost, to the ones forgotten, opening up their home and their family to accept those who have nobody to offer them a hope and a love that will be forever. This couple, when described like this, can be made to look a little more special than they really are. Truth be told, this couple doesn’t glow in the dark, doesn’t walk on water, they don’t control the winds by the mere wave of their hands and no they don’t poo gold bars or sweat diamonds. They are you and I!

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Adoption Sponsoring

imagesWanted: Loving family to take me home, to love me, to protect me, to make me believe I am wanted.

When: ASAP

Contact: Millions of children worldwide

Cost: Too high for many.

The wanted ad would read like this I am sure. So many children, too few of them finding a home, a family and a forever after. God must have been on to something when He specifically instructed us to look after the orphans. He made it very clear, He commanded us to do this, why? Because He knew we would forget or become to busy to notice.

I have been wracking my brain the last few years trying to think of ways to help orphans on a greater scale. I can’t adopt them all, but I can’t seem to get my head around why they can’t all have a family, when there are plenty to go around, why? Why? WHY?

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Well it has been a few months and I am now back to a new normal. We are now the proud parents of 2 amazing boys. One was brought into our family through a caesarean section, and the other, our most recent addition through adoption. We have embarked on an entirely new journey as a family and are so excited about what God has in store for us and how He plans to use us to create awareness about the awesome power of adoption and the great need for it as well, but also in how His name will be glorified through this family.

This last Sunday our Pastor shared on Jesus and the feeding of the 5000. He drew parallels throughout the Bible where God instructs his people not to be fully abled to do what He has called them to do, but to simply come with what they have and he will do all that He wants using the little that they posses. From a few rolls and fish to a feast to a stuttering man with a stick leading the greatest exodus ever, we see a picture of a God who is not dependant on our ability but rather simply asks that we make available the little we have and be willing to let him multiply it. So Lord the greatest I have is my humble family, my amazing marriage, beautiful wife and 2 precious boys, they are yours, let the journey begin!

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