My son’s sensitive, and I think that’s HARDCORE!

love-never-fails-woodDaily, whether by your news APP, T.V, radio, newspaper or general water cooler chat, we are reminded of the brutality and cruelness that exists. The content of so many news publications reads like a who’s who list of the latest Antichrists, duking it out for the top dog position on the worlds most evil list.

Just sitting here writing, I have my ears accosted by some baseball clad, track suit pant wearing wanna be tough guy. His language on the phone would bring shudders to the toughest made man. Shouting expletives in the middle of the parking lot to someone on his phone, weaving in and out of the cars until he makes his way back to the table. He must be almost 22, filled with boyish insecurities and yet banging his chest like a fully grown silverback. The anger, the hatred, the ultimatums and the indifference to the people surrounding him, most of whom I wager are not excited by both his volume and content. How is it we are surrounded by such sand papery people and yet look at our children and become concerned with their emotions being too available, they are too sensitive, they need to develop tougher skins. Appears to me, we should be fending off all hardness and embracing their softer sides for as long as possible, especially since the world that awaits them when they eventually step into adulthood will do a sterling job of attempting to knock the softness out of their hearts.

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From the Heart!


Is there a way I can touch you,

Is there a sign I should know?
Is there a path I should follow?
To help you learn and grow.I may not be experienced,
In what was sent to me from above.
But know I am experienced,
In these feelings that are LOVe!

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As for me

Two years ago we were blessed with a beautifully healthy baby boy, two years ago my wife became a Mom and I became a Dad, two years ago God changed my life and heart and left me staggering in awe. Two years ago God solidified in my heart His desire as a Father. He knitted my dreams with his plans and my hopes with His desires,God declared in my life that my purpose was to Father.

I sat there at the birth of my son a changed man, my heart melted for this little life that He entrusted me with. Never again would I be able to live for myself, never again would I be able pretend that what I do has no eternal consequence, never again would I be able to say that I have nothing to leave the world.

Good or bad, positive or negative, as a father you can be sure of one thing. You will leave a legacy.

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What must it have been like, to exist as God no less, and watch as your son was being beaten, mocked, abused, jeered at, hated, spat on, thrown away, tortured and then murdered? Yes murdered.

The definition: The unlawful, intentional killing of another human being with the intent to kill.

Unlawful, because, He broke no laws, he was and is sinless, he had to be, otherwise He would not have measured up to being a perfect sacrifice.

Intentional, obviously.

Killing, obviously.

Human being? Well he had to be, you can’t kill God, and He needed to die to be offered as a sacrifice and regain the authority for us as a man that Adam lost as a man when he disobeyed in the Garden.

I look at my son, when he sleeps, when he’s playing, crying, laughing, sitting, standing and every moment in between, and I am filled with love, it overpowers me, it permeates my being and drips from my pores. How did God watch as His Son was put to death, for a group of people that for the most part, would never truly appreciate the sacrifice? I shudder when my son bumps his head, what was God’s expression when Jesus was whipped, spat on and brutally tortured?

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Wanna go for a run?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a young man with a great passion for Jesus. As he spoke of his journey and how he has come to where he is now I was filled with compassion for him and many like him.

One of the challenges glaringly apparent in the world today is the freedom by which the term Father is banded about.

Let me give you my definition:

To the Man who lavishes, unsparingly, his love, his time, his wealth, his heart, his life, his hopes and dreams. To the Man who stands and watches over, who guards and gives counsel, who catches tears and brings correction. To the Man who loves the Mother of his child, who raises her up, who encourages and honours her. To the Man who guides and provides, who laughs and cries, who picks up when there’s failure and raises up on shoulders when there is victory. To this Man shall we award the mark of a father. Through his sacrifice, shall the sons and daughters be set free to run ahead and lay claim to riches the Man only dreamt about.

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