Through the eyes and into their heart

31e736ea38917d4902e7242b054e97f1.500x338x1Last week I had the privilege of thoroughly smashing the paradigm of a group of parents and young people. I gave a talk entitled “Beneath the Surface, looking at the effects of Pornography”. I witnessed eyes growing wider and wider as if they were experiencing a blast of information that was overloading their senses and short circuiting their perceptions of what was really available to our kids.

The hard truth is this, for years now, media, movies, the written word, gaming and any other source of content has been pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, agreeable and palatable.
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From TOP to bottom

Image“Icasa, hereby, gives notice that it has authorised On Digital Media [operating as TopTV] to broadcast the three adult content channels Playboy TV, Desire TV, and Private Spice within the watershed period,” it said in a statement.”


The Film and Publication Board (FBP) welcomed Icasa’s decision.

“As the FPB we are encouraged to see that the Independent Communications Authority of SA [Icasa] considered our representations and placed on TopTV stringent conditions,” CEO Yoliswa Makhasi said.

“These representations were premised on the protection of children from exposure to potentially harmful content and in this case explicit content,” said Makhasi.”

Are you Serious!!!

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