The purpose of a Father

  1. To validate masculinity and manhood.
  2. To instill a sense of value.
  3. To build up.
  4. To create boundaries within which his children have enough freedom to explore, but also enough safety so that the consequences are learning experiences and not death sentences.
  5. To provide emotionally, educationally and financially.
  6. To be the first to praise and the last to criticise.
  7. To be a gate-keeper.
  8. To create a place of safety.
  9. To set the atmosphere.
  10. To love his children’s Mom.
  11. To pray for his wife, children and marriage.
  12. To set the example that you must live what you speak.
  13. To raise warrior princes and princesses.
  14. To set the example of what God intended relations to be.
  15. To create focus.

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